Modular Home Plans:
Building Quality And Value

Modular Home Plans: Building quality and value on your lot
Having plans drawn up will ensure that you know what we plan to construct and what we have included in your design.

Using Standard Modular Designs – Let’s Go Back To Basics
When you have a plan drawn up for a modular building, this allows for cost effective and efficient construction. Starting with a standard plan and making desired changes from there. It is possible to rearrange rooms and add features.

Using A Modular Architect – Using A Professional To Get The Job Done
If you are looking at designing a completely customized modular structure then using an designer that specialize in modular design is your best bet. You can convert a design that has been crafted by a non-modular designer too. A modular building professional will know the best ways to save time and money. He/she would also be able to get you the best features possible.

Other common changes to make would be to tweak the size of rooms to make them more sustainable in a modular building. You can make any size room that you desire with modular construction. Deciding to stick to more standard room sizes will dramatically lower the cost of the structure and reduce amount of work that has to be done on site.

If you already have a non-modular plan that you’re in love with, by all means, go ahead and use that. However, if you’re still in the beginning stages, it is best to start with modular in mind from the get-go.

If you already have a plan in mind, begin there. Making simple changes to enhance your home will definitely add value.

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